connect amp with 2 arc speakers

  • 10 August 2021
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I have 2 arc speakers one outside at pool and one in living room. I have an amp with 4 speakers hooked up to it, 2 are surround in living room and 2 are out door at the pool. I have the 4 speakers on a switch so I can change which ones I want to power. will the amp connect to either arc depending on where i want the speakers to play. 

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3 replies

No. The Connect:amp  would need to setup and bonded to either your Living room or Pool Arc to play surround sound for your Living room or Pool ‘room’.  if you want the amp to play surround for the other room, you would need to remove the existing bond and redo the configuration.

Does this mean I have to have a separate amp one for surround in living room and one for outdoor by the pool

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Yes. Either that or use two Sonos speakers for the indoor surrounds and the Amp to power the outdoor surrounds.