Connect:amp driving passive subwoofer, to be connected as sub in S2 system

  • 20 March 2024
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I've got an arc under the TV, and two IKEA Symfonisk connected as rear surround.

Now I'd like to use my Connect:AMP to be seen as a Sub (click connect sub) in my S2 system, and use the amp to drive my passive subwoofer.

Any idea if this is possible?


I know that I can create two groups, one as I have it today and one with the connect:amp, and then group them together. But, that isn't really what I want as then I lose the option of Sonos sending the right frequence range to the Connect:amp (being a sub).



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3 replies

No, you cannot integrate the Amp as a subwoofer in the Arc room.  Even if you group them, the Amp is going to lag behind by 75ms for TV sources.  

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As @jgatie said, grouping would be the only way. My experience is that you can compensate the 75ms delay in tv mode by setting „tv dialogue synchronization“ to level 3 without getting a noticeable delay to the video. 
And the frequency „problem“ you mentioned imo isn’t one on subs side, because depending on the device you can cut it there or it‘s limited by design. For me the most important handicap is that the Arc won’t be limited on its own frequency so it can’t profit from less work in playing bass. 
Any workaround imo won’t make one happy at all compared to a Sonos sub. 

Wow, amazingly fast answers, even if it wasn't the answer I was hoping for :)

I guess I'll just need to find a broken Sonos:sub and take the electronics from it... (Or depart from my beloved passive sub...)