Changing the surround level in app with Era 300s does NOT change the rear surround volume.

  • 4 April 2023
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I’ve tested this multiple times with different audio channel checks and changing the level of the surround in the Sonos app only affects the side surround channels, not the rear surround channels.

I’ve unpaired and repaired the Era 300s to the setup and no matter whatever way I try it, the rear surround channels do not change volume.

I find the rear channels much too quiet and there’s seemingly no way to change it. I’m not sure how no one else has mentioned this (unless I missed it).

I’ve done it with and without Trueplay, different channel checks, unpaired and repaired surrounds, etc. The rear surround channels will not change volume unless I raise overall volume which then of course still leaves them quieter relative to everything else.

Please tell me someone else has noticed this. I’m on 15.2 so it’s not like I’m missing a software update.

Set up is Arc, Sub x2, 300 x2. Any help or input is appreciated. Thank you!

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2 replies

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Hoping I can get someone official from Sonos to see this thread. This is an issue and I believe should’ve been caught in beta testing. There is no chance this is working as intended. As it is right now anyone who believes their rear surrounds are too quiet are SOL.

I believe a great fix would be to add another slider in the app to control the volume of the side surrounds and rear surrounds independently of each other.

I also have this issue. My Era 300's are paired with the Sonos Arc and Sub (Gen 3). Both Era speakers are inverted and wall mounted w/ 8" on each side. They appear to be operational, however, I hear little to no sound with their volume set at 0 - 5 after TruePlay. Thoughts?