Caught in a network update loop

  • 30 July 2022
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Hey all,

I installed two Sonos Ray sound bars on a wifi network named Pace generated by my cable modem. All was working great. Later I installed a mesh wifi network with the name Air, and connected my iPhone to it. When I open the Sonos 2 app, I get the alert of a network issue and tap “let’s fix it.” The next screen says “Your mobile device is connected to Air. Let’s update your Sonos devices to connect to it” (or something similar. So I follow the prompts, but during the process the status keeps saying “Connecting Ray to Pace.” 

So the app knows the Rays aren’t on Air, the same network my phone is on, and suggests that I change the Rays to connect to Air, but then it during the process it always reconnects to Pace. Any advice on how to fix this? I’ve followed the steps in the support articles and app prompts exactly, and I can’t seem to get the Rays to switch to Air. 



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3 replies

Your mesh network almost certainly contains a router in its primary node. This will split your home network, such that a Sonos controller on ‘Air’ won’t see Sonos devices on ‘Pace’.

One option is to simply put the mesh into Access Point (bridge) mode. Which make/model of mesh is it? 

Alternatively temporarily wire a Sonos device to the mesh primary node and wait 2-3 mins. The system should all appear. You should then be able to change the network details in the system from ‘Pace’ to ‘Air’. 


Also see for a different approach, guided by the controller prompts, though this may be what you’ve been attempting hitherto. 

Update: nothing I did in software, including deleting Pace from trusted networks, worked. I ultimately had to do a hard reset of the Ray and set it up from scratch on Air. Now works great. Seems like this should work in software, especially given that the app was recognizing that the phone was on Air and suggested adding the Ray to it. Oh well. When all else fails, reset!

The controller procedure could being be tripped up when a network is divided into two subnets.

Factory reset is not the answer though. It trashes all the settings, accounts, Sonos Playlists, etc. I’ve had a largish system for 15 years and have never reset the whole thing, ever.

The answer is to simply wire one device to the network, if only temporarily. This puts the devices onto Sonos’ private wireless SonosNet, where it’s straightforward to reconfigure them. 

If there are also WiFi-only devices such as Move & Roam involved then in extremis these alone can be reset and re-added to the system.