Cannot connect 2 Beams to the Wifi

So I have 2 Beams, a 1 and a 3 at home. The system has been working perfectly for the last few months (apart from the sound cutting out when playing radio some times....) And now both of my beams have dropped off the network and cannot connect to them on the app any more.

I have tried connecting them again, they are found but just fail to connect to my WiFi. There's nothing wrong with the WiFi, the 1 & 3 connect just fine. The access point has been rebooted. I have a virgin suberhub 3 and ubiqiti AP for the WiFi.

I have factory reset one of the beams and still no joy.

One of them has been plugged in via ethernet and was available on the network but needs to be unplugged to add it to the WiFi…

I have removed the networks from the Sonos android app and set it up again for the 1 and 3.

This seemed to start when I connected to someone else's Sonos network then came home and the beams had dropped off the network.

I have also noticed since then that the sound keeps cutting out on the beams for a second every 10-15 seconds (connected via HDMI arc)

Anu suggestions? 

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Perhaps try wiring one of your Sonos Products to your BT Router and run all on a SonosNet signal, set with a channel that is 5+ channels away from your routers 2.4Ghz band. 

Configure the AP and Routers 2.4Ghz band to use the same Wifi Credentials (SSID’s/Passwords) and use ‘fixed’ Channels and set their 2.4Ghz WiFi band to a channel-width of 20MHz and see if that resolves your dropout issues.

Thanks for the reply Ken, I took note of some of it hah 

Luckily I had a play one in the bathroom, router in the loft. I have drilled a hole in the ceiling and ran a network cable and now have everything running on Sonosnet. 

It's not a fix, Sonos need to pull their finger out as I'm guessing an updated nerfed my beams but at least I've got them working now.