Can't set up Ray- no PIN

  • 28 March 2023
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I am trying to set up a refurbished Ray. I have existing Sonos. The unit is not playing a chime and the PIN and there is no pin code on the back of the unit by the connectors. 

CS don’t have any further advice. I have done a reset. Please help!




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2 replies


Ok, if anyone from Sonos gives a **** about this, I managed to connect this by finding the PIN code on the bottom (its not where the image suggests it is in the app). Now I am connected to the system but there is no sound so clearly thats why the unit wouldnt chime and I assume its faulty.

There are very few moderators in this community forum, and no Sonos Support folks. We’re lucky that the moderators are often former support folks, and have access to the diagnostics that are submitted, but your best bet is still to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it, especially now that your circumstances have changed.