Can’t add speakers to Arc setup

  • 29 November 2020
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Hi all

I’m praying that you guys can help me out, as I’m at my wits’ end here.

Trying to setup a new Arc/One SL/Sub system.

Even just adding the Arc doesn’t seem to come without its issues. The S2 app prompts me to Connect to TV - in this case, an LG CX. I’m hooked up to the eArc input. Connection will fail in the app, which informs me that something is interfering with the HDMI connection. I’ve removed all other devices, yet this persists. However, the TV settings still allow me to select Passthrough and eArc, and the bar does appear to work okay. So I’m more just curious if this is expected behaviour, or should the app still be reporting a successful connection?

The far bigger issue, is that I simply cannot add my additional speakers to the Arc afterwards.

Every speaker is powered, with a flashing green LED, and they’re showing up as ready to be connected in the app. I’ve tried with and without SonosNet. It can see them, it knows they’re there, but it can’t talk to them or form a handshake. Connection fails every time. The app informs me that no Sonos devices are found on my mobile device’s network… Even though it can see them right there?

I’m on the correct WiFi network, which is powered by an Orbi RBR50 (mesh). I have one satellite, but there are no Sonos products tied to it, and I’ve tried setup with and without the satellite powered on.

Every single device mentioned has its latest firmware and has been power cycled.

I’ve reset, rebooted, tried every permutation, swapped cables, turned controllers and router off and on again etc..

I’m sure I must be making some really simple mistake somewhere, but I’m utterly lost.

Any help offered is greatly appreciated, whether it’s a eureka moment or not.


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3 replies

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Power off all your Sonos speakers and restart the router. Then, just whilst you set up, can you connect the Arc and the Ones to your router using Ethernet cables? Power up the Arc first, then the Ones and the Sub. Then try adding them to the Arc.  If that works, unplug from the Ethernet cable and wait a few minutes for wifi to establish. 

Hey there. Logistically, I can’t connect Arc & Ones at the same time - unless I buy some more cables just to be able to rule this out.

I just tried an initial setup, both wirelessly and wired, then doing the opposite with the second speaker. No luck.

It seems that as soon as one speaker is set-up, it just blocks off everything else.

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Did you do the reboots, in the order suggested? What error messages are you getting?