Can I return both my Era 300 speakers after purchasing the 2nd one and finding out they do not work well together?

  • 19 August 2023
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I’m very disappointed with the Era 300 as surround setup. I’ve just upgraded my theatre from Arc+Sub+2 Ones to 2 Era 300s and it’s underperforming due to central driver not firing in Era 300s. I’m going back to 2 Ones as surrounds as they provided a much better sound experience. 

I bought both Era 300s at a local distributor’s store. I can easily return the speaker bought today, but I also want to return the one I bought several months ago, as I had bought it with the intention to upgrade my surrounds and now I found out they do not work as expected when paired together. 


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3 replies

The policies that govern where you purchased the speaker will be in force, there is no generic ‘this policy covers everything in the world’.

My understanding is that because both speakers are fully functional, working exactly ‘as designed’ and not purchased direct from Sonos… the manufacturers warranty and the Sonos returns policy is not applicable in your case.

You would need to speak to the store where you purchased the goods and see what their local returns-policy caters for. 

You could also consider selling them on too, I guess.

Fortunately the store has accepted the return and gave full refund. Anyway, a pair of Era 300s as surrounds are terrible for music and not worth the money. They told me in the store that they’ve received many complaints and returns due to that reason.