Cable position when wall mounting Sonos Arc

I am about to wall mount my Sonos Arc using the Sonos wall mount. My electrician has layed a conduit channel within the wall for cables (power, HDMI and ethernet). However, for my preferred position of the TV and Arc, this conduit channel lies to the right of centre when looking at the arc from the front (approx 150mm from the right edge of the Arc).


If the cables are brought out of the wall at this point, will it still be possible to connect them to the Arc at the insertion points further along the Arc, whilst using the wall mount, or will the cables get in the way or be visible?



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Here’s a view of the rear of the Arc:

You can see where the “bay” for the cables is, it’s in the middel of the Arc. Any cables not    getting there are either visible or (possibly) in the way when mounting the Arc.

Thanks @106rallye. That was my fear. If this is the case, then I will either have to move the TV and Sonos Arc further along the wall so that the cable bay sits over the in-wall conduit (not an ideal location for the TV), or else explore if any additional channeling can be added within the wall.

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Maybe small, less than 1/4” spacers under the mount to give you room to thread the cables between it and the wall?

Thanks @Stanley_4 - good idea. That might save a lot of work/replastering!