Bluetooth support for ultimate immersive set

  • 11 July 2024
  • 1 reply

Sonos newbie here...have ultimate immersive set (arc/sub3 and 2x era 300s) connected to tv via arc/hdmi.  Everything is connected in Sonos app and working together as specific room setup.  I’ve also separately been able to conf bluetooth pairing on each of the era 300s to other bt devices.


I’m hoping there is a way to (some other device like Sonos connect or port?) to connect other devices (pc/laptop/phone) to output sound to the entire immersive set?  Hopefully something which allows bluetooth stream inputs which then would output to the entire immersive set?



1 reply

The Roam and the Move gen 2 are Sonos devices that will take a stereo Bluetooth signal and share that with any room in a Sonos system.