Best Home Theatre with Sonance

  • 24 April 2023
  • 1 reply


I currently have a Sonos Arc, Sub (to the right of the Arc), and two Play 1’s providing my surrounds. I am considering getting an Amp and Sonance in ceiling speakers. Would this set up work with the Play 1s or would the Sonance replace the play 1’s as the surrounds? Also, where would you all advise I place the Sub? Is having it next to the Arc fine, or should it really be towards the back of the room nearer the listening position?

1 reply

The amp + Sonance speakers would be a replacement for the play:1s.   Honestly, you are better off keeping your play:1s rather than putting in ceiling speakers, since ceiling is not the proper place for rear surround audio.  You would only do that if you need to for aesthetic reasons. Replacing the play:1s with Era 100s or Era 300s would be an upgrade though, or adding a second sub for more bass if you like extra bass.

As far as the location of the sub goes, I’ve heard a couple different thoughts on that.  One is that it doesn’t really matter as the bass frequencies are omnidirectional.  Your brain can’t tell which direction the bass is coming from so it doesn’t matter.  Others state that it sounds best in line with the Arc (where you have it now) as part of the front stage. I have mine behind the couch as I like the slight ‘rumble’ effect.  You can try it in several locations to see what you like best.  Obviously, that’s what’s most important.