best connection using Sky Q

  • 3 April 2024
  • 7 replies

i have a Sonos Beam Gen 2, currently i have it connected directly to my Sky Q box, is that the best connection or should i connect to my HDMI ARC ?

7 replies

You should connect to the TV’s HDMI-ARC.

hi buzz

does that give me the best sound when listening to TV


Yes. This also allows BEAM to render audio for TV Apps.

Thanks, i have a beam and two Sonos 1, and i very rarely hear anything out of the two S1’ 


sorry i have 2 x sonos play 1 ………...not sure if that makes a difference 


If setup as a stereo pair, first remove the pairing, then add the PLAY:1’s as surrounds.

hi, i can only set my tv to PCM

And my sky box i can only set to normal 

when i look at my system on the app in the Audio  for the beam it says PCM 2.0 and for the Play 1’s it just says they are connected