Best Atmos Solution for my small room

  • 5 February 2023
  • 3 replies

Hi, I have a small dedicated basement movie room with a 65” screen wall mounted.  Room is 3m (10ft) x 4m (14ft) and we watch across the 3m, so quite close.

I want to install the best possible Atmos experience from Sonos and love to listen loud.  What is the ideal set up for this room??

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3 replies

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I would go with an Arc, Sub (Gen 3), and two Fives as surrounds. If you have 8-9 foot, flat ceilings, try to sit 7-9 feet from the Arc for the best Atmos listening experience.

“Loud” is often a subjective quality. We humans have been conditioned to equate distorted with loud. With typical audio gear we increase the Volume until the amplifier maxes out and significant distortion begins. This is accepted as “loud”. Going beyond this point can result in system failures. SONOS amplifiers are well protected and in this context will never sound “loud”.

In my college apartment we could operate the system at a level where verbal communication was very difficult, but the sound was clean. Repeatedly, partying listeners would approach, yelling in our ears, demanding “turn it up”, because it didn’t seem “loud”. This same crew, in a different venue, playing a distressingly poor, struggling compact unit, was satisfied that it was playing “loud”. Conversation was easy.

Be sure to include the SUB.

Thanks guys, decision made, arc + sub + one SL’s, sounds great!