Beam with Surround Sound

  • 4 June 2024
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Warning: no home audio knowledge!

We just moved into our new home. The prior owner had installed two passive ceiling speakers in the back of the living room. There are two wires coming out of the wall, each with a black and red wire. I will be installing a frame TV on this wall.

I have used a beam as my TV speaker in the past, and I’d like to continue to use it along with the ceiling speakers. My question: what’s a good/low effort setup for what I have now? Do I need to purchase an AV receiver? If so, can I use the beam with it? Do I use the Samsung One Connect, or just use the AV receiver?

Or should I buy another Sonos product to get everything to work together?


1 reply

For anyone that stumbles on this:

  1. My setup below apparently only works with the Gen 2 Beam (I had a Gen 1 so I ended up upgrading to a Gen 2 to make this work)
  2. I went with the Sonos Amp for my two rear passive speakers.
  3. Beam is connected to the ARC port in the TV (for the Frame TV, this is the ARC port in the One Connect box).
  4. In the Sonos app, go to the Beam settings and set up the Amp as “surrounds” (note that this is wireless - no wired connection between the Beam and the Amp). Also note that when I did this, there was a notification that certain inputs into the Amp wouldn’t work if I made it surrounds. This worried me at first, but didn’t seem to be an issue.
  5. Recommendation: also in the Beam settings, go to “Surround Audio” and change Music Playback from Ambient to Full. This will only apply when you’re playing music to the speakers, and in my opinion is the better setting for music.

This setup seems to be working great so far. Really nice surround sound for movies, still easy to use as AirPlay speakers, and things with surround data like news are still “normal”.


Hope this helps someone else. For an “easy” option, I doubt you can find a better setup.