Beam suddenly having Hdmi conflicts with PS4, no changes to set up for years

I’ve seen a few similar threads but haven’t been able to find a recent one or one with a solution that works. I have a Sony TV, PS4 and Sonos Beam and they have worked without any issues for about 5 years. I have not changed a thing in the set up but this week the sound switches from the Beam to the TV and when I try and change it back I get an HMDI conflict message. If I unplug the PS4 hdmi then I can set up the Beam again, but as soon as I plug the PS4 back in it has another conflict. I’ve tried turning everything off and back on, and also changing HDMI leads but neither solve the issue.

Does anyone know why this has started happening and have any ideas on how to fix it?


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Probably an update to the PS4 and how they handle CEC (poorly, and the change likely unintentional on their part) 

Try putting a CEC blocking adapter on the cable between the PS4 and the TV. I think Amazon sells a version made by Lindy for around $15 or so. 

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Try disabling HDMI Device Link under the PS4’s System settings.

Turning off HDMI device link didn’t immediately fix it, but I then turned everything off and disconnected the hdmi leads, turned them all back on, connected the Sonos and set it up then connected the PS4 and it seems to be holding so far...