Beam+One (*2) 5.1 placement driving me insane. Please assist.

  • 16 October 2021
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Small living room. Unsure where I should mount the rears (One SL). Check drawn picture for quick overview (imgur link below). I've got about 30cm clearance on both sides of the couch. I've got the possibility to mount them on the wall/ceiling aswel (just the upper/back wall) because right of the couch I have windows.

What to do? I'm honestly stuck. I'd prefer wall mount aesthetically speaking; but would that ***mess*** up the entire soundstage or is it acceptable (not looking for perfection here). Or mount them on a stand just besides the couch, instead of directly behind (I get mixed answers when Googling).

Any help would be welcome. As I've said; I'm stuck, locked. No clue what would work. -- illustration.


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3 replies


I'll get some moving boxes from the attic and trial and error it. 

Thank you both.

Placing the surround speakers very close to the listener forces the listener to be accurately placed between the surrounds, else one surround will dominate. Placing the speakers on the wall or ceiling relaxes this issue because of the increased distance between speaker and listener. You could investigate this with Airgetlam’s quickie trial using stands, a chair, or a pile of boxes.

Either should likely work. I’d try each position, using the stands for now, and see which works better for your ears.