Beam LED light won't turn ON anymore. Voice assistants not working either

  • 16 November 2020
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This Sonos Beam was working perfectly fine until a couple of days ago. I’ve moved to a new home / new Wifi, so I reset all the speakers and started fresh. After the updates, all speakers seem to be OK, but the Beam has lost its staus LED light. Nothing happens if I toggle the “Status light” setting on and off in the S2 app.


I have tried powering it on and off, and nothing. I have tried resetting it again, but it’s hard to follow the procedure, because when trying to follow the steps I don’t get any lights at all on the LED.


The speaker seems to work OK otherwise, except that I’ve also found out that neither voice assistant (Alexa/Google) works anymore. I used Google Assistant on this same device before, so I wonder if this is related.


Touch controls seem to work, and I get sound feedback when I touch them. If I touch on the “mic” button after setting up Google Assistant, I hear the voice saying “the mic is off” and “the mic’s back on”, but the speaker doesn’t respond to any commands or even react to the wake up words.


Not sure what else I can try?


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8 replies

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Hi @ibusevil.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us and going the extra mile of starting with some basic troubleshooting steps to check if the beam still functions. Let me help you out with your LED issue on your Sonos Beam.

I would like to recommend checking the LED indicator through the Sonos APp to check if it is turned off and turn in on by following the guide about Sonos LED Lights to know how to turn it on. Open the Sonos App, go to settings » system » Beam’s room name » Status light. (this should take care of the light status on your Sonos Beam.

For the microphone, it may be turned off, lets try to tap on the microphone icon (touch-capacitive) on the Beam itself there should be a little white light dot that should light up when we tap the microphone icon on the beam. When the white light dot is off, that means that the mic is turned off. Pressing the microphone icon on the beam turns the microphone of the Beam on at the same time a little white dit light should appear indicating that the microphone on the Sonos Beam is active.

We can also try submitting a diagnostic for us to check what is going on with your Sonos Beam.

I hope this helps.

Please let us know how it goes. We are always here to help.


Hi Paul,

I’m not sure if you read my full message above, but I am definitely aware of the status light setting in the app. Like I said... 

Nothing happens if I toggle the “Status light” setting on and off in the S2 app.

Similarly, I have also tried turning the mic on and off (like I said in the original post). I get audio feedback that it’s happened, but not the white light dot, which is also not working, like the other LED.


I have submitted a diagnostic. Confirmation number is 1477966714



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Hi @ibusevil.

Thanks for the update and immediate response and for submitting a diagnostic.

Based on the submitted diagnostic, there is no voice service added on your Sonos Beam. I would suggest adding a voice service through the Sonos app and let’s see how it goes. You may also want to check the LED status indicator by following my recommendation above on how to turn it on.

PLease let me know how it goes. We are always here to help.



There is no voice service now because I’ve turned it off now.

I can add it again and re-send a diagnostic.


With regards to the LED, I have taken the steps you mentioned above. Like I said, nothing happens to the LEDs when I do so. Most importantly, there is NO LED ACTIVITY whatsoever, even when I try the procedure to reset to factory settings, which should not be affected by the app setting at all.

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Hi @ibusevil.

Thanks for the feedback and immediate response.

If that is the case, I would recommend contacting our technical support team for more in-depth troubleshooting steps or possible product replacement. There could be a fault with in the device that needs further investigation that our technical team can check with.

Please let us know how it goes with the technical support team, We are always here to help.


Turned on Google Assistant on the Beam again and sent another diagnostic.

Confirmation number is 1507759672


For further information, I can add voice assistants to any of the other speakers and they work just fine. Not only that, but voice assistant was also working just fine on this Beam speaker up to a week ago.

I most definitely know how to turn the assistant and LED settings on and off, so I hope you can move past that now. Everything (voice assistant and leds) has stopped working after the last reset of this particular speaker only.



One pity is that it was totally unnecessary to reset and start from scratch on moving home and changing router.

Good to know that a reset was unnecessary. I thought it would be the easiest way to start from scratch.


In any case, technical support was able to confirm that the speaker needs to be replaced.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.