Beam Intermittent Sound Issue Solved

  • 17 September 2022
  • 2 replies

Hi All,

I was on the point of posting an issue but found a fix and thought I would share it in case anyone else is having the same issue.

I recently bought the Beam (gen2) and 2 x One SL speakers. Almost immediately I had sound drop out and picture break-up.

We previously had an LG wirtesed surround system with no issues.

I spent an age trawling the community for a fix/solution, changing settings and options on the TV to no effect.

Programmes on the TV were fine but switching to my Apple TV (4th Gen) caused all the problems.

I switched from ARC to optical and back again with no improvement.

The solution was simple enough, updating the Apple TV software to it’s most recent update.

Immediately it has resolved the problem.

If you’re having any issues, check your TV and peripheral kit software for updates.


Hope that helps.



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2 replies

Hold The Champagne!
It’s started dropping sound again!!!!

I’m fairly convinced the problem lies with the Apple TV box. There is no problem listening to Sonos Radio or watching programmes/movies via our current provider (Virgin Media).

Last night I watched some sport on TV and it was perfectly fine. Immediately after that I switched to the Apple TV and watched a movie and about five minutes in the problem started to reappear.
No picture break-up this time just an occasional drop-out of sound lasting maybe half a second or less.
I have updated all software, Sonos, LG and Apple TV, switched between Optical and ARC and back again.

I’m going to unplug everything, switch all the power off and start over. Fingers crossed that might help.
watch this space!


Try switching off HDMI-CEC control on the Apple TV and other HDMI connected products and see if that sorts it. When switching it off on the Apple TV, also restart it for the changed setting to kick-in.