Beam Gen2 Intermittent ARC

  • 21 November 2023
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Beam worked fine on previous LG, this was replaced when the LG started losing pixels.

LG OLED55C34 took several attempts for Arc HDMI to connect, after a few days Beam sound lost. The mute icon showed on the screen. TV sound was fine. Changed cables with no impact, disconnected everything, connected Arc cable and used the smart TV Netflix still no sound. After much fiddling it finally connected. Al good for a few days then Beam lost again and connection couldnt be revived.

I then tried the tv Optical connection with the Sonos adapter, connected immediately. Me thinks therefore that it may be a TV problem ?



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5 replies

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Hello @palcouk, welcome back!

This could be a TV problem but let’s try a few things to see if we can get your Sonos Beam connected to your LG TV via HDMI.

Please try the following steps, bare in mind that doing the first two steps might also simply fix this:

  1. Unplug Sonos Beam and TV from power, unplug the HDMI from Sonos Beam to TV and also disconnect other devices from TV. Leave everything off power for at least a couple minutes.
  2. Plug Sonos Beam and TV into power.
  3. Run TV setup in Sonos app, connect the Beam HDMI on eARC port of TV when told to by the app.
  4. Once completed, connect other HDMI devices.
  5. If the issue comes back, disable CEC on other HDMI connected devices. If that’s not possible then you could try using CEC less adapters for your other devices, but only if the issue comes back with other devices connected to your TV.

Let us know if the above helped.


I thought I’d explained that I’d done all that.

There are no CEC devices 

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Hey @palcouk, thank you for the swift reply.

Since you’ve completed the basic troubleshooting steps with no success, I would recommend you to get in touch with our Sonos Support for some further live troubleshooting as they have more tools at their disposal and can provide you with information and advice specific to your system and what it reports.

Make sure to mention all troubleshooting steps you’ve taken, and feel free to reply here with any updates you might have.

I’ll call them when I can ‘face it’ currently its woring fibe via optical

I spoke with LG who advise me to contact the TV supplier (John Lewis) they swapped out for a new LG arrived, yesterday connected up the beam and smart TV To HDMI Arc, configured all the Beam set up and TV controls all good. Connected the Virgin Media box (Its the latest one) all good via HDMI Arc. The folowing day no sound, connected to Optical I get sound on the Beam, but LG control sound no longer works. Spent another hour on phone to Sonos support (#05629690) CEC LG setting is on. But basically it wont function for more that a day or so under HDMI Arc (Yes new cables)


It seems Sonos support can offer no further suggestions

I have Beam2 + Sonos extension speaker all fine under previous LG (2019) and HDMI Arc