Beam Gen 2 crashing

  • 8 August 2022
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I have a Beam Gen 2 (and a pair of Symfonisks for surround), Nvidia Shield TV Pro and a Sony (XBR 65A8G).


The setup is the Shield via HDMI to the TV, and the TV (arc) via HDMI to the Beam.


In this configuration things work most of the time, but occasionally, the Beam gets into a state where it seems to get ‘stuck’ and outputs a noise that sounds like “dut-dut-dut-dut-dut” (rapidly and continuously) for about 20 seconds, and then it crashes/reboots (no longer controllable via the Sonos app, and the TV notices the absence and switches to its own speaker) and a few seconds later, it is back up (and controllable in the app, and the TV recognizes it is back). 


This happens randomly - usually when it happens it happens a few times in a row, but then won’t happen again for several days.


It isn’t the content, as I can ‘rewind’ and replay whatever was happening when the crash occurred and it works no problem.

I’ve tried different HDMI cables - problem persists.

I’ve tried adding a splitter (HDFury Arcana) so that the Beam gets the audio ‘directly’ from the source (ie: bypass the TV) - problem persists.

I’ve connected the Shield to an older Samsung soundbar - have not seen the issue (of course, since it is random, it is tough to say for sure, but I left this configuration for quite an extended period).


Anybody else seen something similar or have any suggestions? Any additional info I can provide that will help?


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I think it’s perhaps best that within 20 minutes of the issue occurring again, to submit a Sonos diagnostic report from the ‘Settings/Support’ area of the Sonos App. Make a note of the reference generated.

Then, when available, contact/chat to Sonos Support Staff about the issue via this LINK and see what they can suggest to resolve the matter.

If you can perhaps also grab a quick mobile video of the issue/noise too, plus try to outline the steps that led to you seeing the issue, I think that will help the Support Staff to get to the root cause and (hopefully) be able to quickly address the issue.

Hope you can get the matter sorted.👍