Beam (Gen 2) Annoying Issues

  • 17 June 2022
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Hi all,

My setup: Beam (Gen 2 - updated to latest version) + LG OLED B7 - connection ARC.

I have this soundbar for a couple days now and there are a couple of annoying issues which maybe you guys can help out, please?

Issue 1: Volume goes up/down “too quickly” when using the TV remote - When I use the SONOS app, I can put the volume up or down 1 point at a time, this seems to be fine, but when I put the volume up or down using the TV remove then it seems like it goes up 2 or even 3 points at a time with a single press. EG: the volume is a bit low, then I press volume up just once and now it’s just a bit higher than I would like to. I actually had the opposite issue with my previous Bose soundbar 500 where I had to press the volume up 4 or 5 times for the volume to go up significantly.

Issue 2: I’m now unable to use any Bluetooth headphones with the TV as it always defaults to the SONOS Beam! I select my Bluetooth headphones, the sound connects to the headphones for a couple of seconds and it moves back to the Beam! I have tried several headphones and it happens the same. The only solution I can see is to turn off the Beam?…

Issue 3: Does the Beam not have auto volume levelling?? In youtube, I keep having to adjust the volume on different videos I watch. I understand that some videos have better quality of audio than others, but this never happened with my previous Bose soundbar 500.

Thank you for your assistance.


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1 reply

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Issue 1: I don’t believe this can be adjusted.

Issue 2: Try disabling Simplink on the TV when you want to use the headphones.

Issue 3: Turn on Night Sound (moon icon) in the Sonos app.