Beam as stand alone speaker

  • 31 December 2020
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Hi there. 
A bit of a longshot but here it goes. 
I am trying to use the Beam as a stand alone speaker without the 70ms delay. The intended setup is as follows:

My sound source is a DJ Mixer which has standard RCA output (left/right, white/red cable, you get it) 

I want to convert this into HDMI ARC in order for the Beam to accept and play.

Question, what gadget will i need inbetween to convert the signal??  Some says that a TV inbetween can do the trick but surely there has to be another solution with a smaller size gadget. Like a preamp or something?  Would a laptop/mac work as inbetween gadget?

FYI i have no intention to stream the sound into other Sonos devices, ONLY the Beam. 
Thanks in advance


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3 replies

You are not going to find anything that will convert RCA to HDMI-ARC.  However, you can convert RCA to optical, and then use the optical to HDMI-ARC dongle that Sonos provides.

Thanks Melvin. Will this then play thesound source without the 70ms delay?

You’ll get about a 30ms delay from the ‘TV’ input.