Beam 2 continuous flashing white light, product not showing on app

I've had my Beam 2 with a sub mini connected since Nov 2023, connected to Samsung TV with arc hdmi. No issues at all up until now. 

Came to watch TV this afternoon, LED on Beam 2 continuous flashing white, sound coming from TV speakers and not Beam 2. 

Went to Sonos app to troubleshoot, product not found in app.

Tried multiple reboots of Beam 2 with and without sub mini plugged in, still get continuous white flashing LED.

Era 100 working fine on same network. 

Tried ethernet cable reboot, no change, still get continuous flashing white LED on Beam 2.

 Any ideas? 

Many thanks, 


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SAME!! My beam and mini sub was gone off the new updated App and white led blinking without allowing me to reset!! I noticed it last night! No matter how I try to rest set it will not do anything..  now I have to get on the phone with tech support and figure this out. Crazy part is I sell this product to my customers. Hope to find a simple fix. 

Did you have any luck with this? 

I'm currently in the call queue (approx 100 minute wait!!!) for tech support....

I did the chat at work then followed up with a chat when I got home. I didn’t have the serial number. But it was easy to do that way then wait on hold. It was in warranty and sent mine off Friday. Should have replacement sent back soon.