Awesome device for using Sonos with a projector

  • 7 April 2024
  • 4 replies

If you still have trouble using Sonos with a projector, I strongly recommend Orei HDA-934 ( It is only $100. I have Sonos Arc, AMP, and they work perfectly. It supports Dolby Atmos and I have tested on my Apple TV, Xbox, and PS5. More importantly, it supports multiple HDMI inputs. Strongly recommend!

4 replies

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Hello @feiyukong, welcome to Sonos Community!

I am glad you got your Sonos system working with a projector using an audio extractor switch.

Thank you for sharing your experience and recommendation.

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Reviews are mixed on Amazon but at that price it seems worth a shot, thanks.

The only downside of Orei HDA-934 is that it cannot go 120Hz. However, if you are using a projector, then very few of them can go high up to 120Hz. Therefore, this is not a problem (at least for me).

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Interesting… the Orei exactly looks like the FeinTech VAX04101. As FeinTech (German manufacturer) developed the device but doesn’t deliver to the US I suppose they let their product be produced and sold in licence for the US market.