Audio Skips - Sonos Beam + LG Oled

  • 2 December 2020
  • 1 reply

I have sonos beam connected to sonos amp (rear ceiling speakers) for living room. Both are ethernet connected. I then have a 4 port hdmi switcher in between tv and nvidia shield/xbox/switch.  Every now and then Ill get some glitch where have to go into LG oled to turn on and off a bunch of hdmi settings. Today randomly we started getting constant stuttering. Of course switching to tv sound fixed issue. Tried removing 4 port switch and still have issue. Was working fine before. Builder put in permanent hdmi/ethernet behind fireplace so Im pretty screwed with swapping hdmi cable if it went bad. I guess I need to connect directly to tv to see if cable issue. I just dont know why all of a sudden we got this issue. 
Diagnostic info 2131050412

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1 reply

While you wait for Sonos to look at that diagnostic, it might be worth double checking for a software update on the TV, and then reboot it by unplugging it from power for two minutes. It’s possible the issue isn’t in the Sonos, but in the TV, or switch.