Audio settings for Beam gen 2 & PS5

  • 5 June 2024
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Hi guys, I’m trying to get all my settings right to get best sound for 4K UHDs using ps5.

Does it matter if I use LPCM/Dolby/Atmos within ps5 settings? I can’t tell much difference and I’m not sure if there’s one correct option? Atmos was added for games some time ago, can I just use it for blu ray discs too?

Within bluray settings I have audio set to bitstream, but again I can’t tell much difference if any when changing audio within ps5.

Lastly, am I supposed to be getting TrueHD at all when watching compatible movies? My Sonos app shows Dolby atmos on LPCM/Dolby but does that mean I’m getting THD? Which then adds to my confusion if the ps5 setting matters at all if they all output atmos?

On TV I have EARC on and sound set to bypass.





1 reply

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Use these settings:

Output Device: HDMI Device (AV amplifier)

HDMI Device Type: AV amplifier

Number of Channels: 5.1 ch

Audio Format (Priority): Linear PCM for gaming or when watching a DTS-encoded Blu-ray disc. When streaming 5.1 content from the PS5 or watching a Dolby TrueHD-encoded Blu-ray disc, change this setting to Dolby. Use the Dolby Atmos setting for native Atmos content or for games that use the 3D audio engine.


When watching Blu-ray discs, there is another audio setting that must be adjusted when you start the disc. Tap the Options button on the controller, select the “…” and change the Audio Format setting to Bitstream for Dolby-encoded discs. Change this setting to Linear PCM for DTS-encoded discs.