audio issue DD+ 5.1 or dolby truehd

  • 24 November 2022
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I have noticed after the last update mid November when I am playing a movie on Plex which got l audio AAC5.1 or TrueHD7.1 it is shown in the Sonos app as dolby digital plus 2.0.

I have tried some old movies which I definitely watched before and in the app was Dolby Atmos TrueHD.

Have anyone noticed this issues before?


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Hi @Raz7 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Off the top of my head, I can think of five different places where settings could affect which audio codec the Arc receives:

  1. The Plex server’s audio transcoding settings
  2. The Plex app’s audio output settings
  3. The audio output settings of the device running the Plex app (if not the TV)
  4. The TV’s audio output settings (and passthrough capabilities, though if the TV hasn’t changed, this won’t change)
  5. TrueHD needs eARC to be enabled in the TV settings

All I can suggest is that you go through each of these and check what’s set. If the app shows “Dolby Digital + 2.0” then that is what is coming down the HDMI link - we do no conversions.

For what it’s worth, I have experienced similar issues (Dolby 2.0) with my nVidia Shield Android TV box and the Emby service/app (similar to Plex). The issue turned out to be that both Emby and the Shield were attempting to convert unsupported formats (I have an Amp which doesn’t support Atmos/TrueHD) into Dolby Digital. Disabling the conversion on one solved the issue, though I do get the occasional movie where I have to swap what performs the conversion to get audio.

I have Plex too, and have found it more difficult to get the desired results on it than on Emby, but I haven’t tried very hard as I prefer the Emby interface and free-tier features.

I hope this helps.