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  • 11 February 2024
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i am getting millisecond audio dropouts/disturbance when my sony x900h is on playthrough set to auto. happens with whatever i am playing. streaming or cable or 4 k player. when i turn pass through to off play perfect. no dropouts.  i have a sony x900h. and attached to tv with optical cable to playbase and a sub and two ones.  attached to tv thru hdmi are a apple 4k tv a optimum cable box nintendo switch and a 4k blu ray player  changed optical cable and hdmi cables. please help. thank u


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7 replies

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What are the eARC, Digital Audio Out, and Dolby Digital Plus Output settings currently set to on the TV?

earc mode auto. digital audio out is auto 1. dolby digital output is dolby digital NOT dolby digital plus. a/v sync on. thank you

only happens when pass through mode on auto. otherwise no dropouts or stutter when pass through is off 

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Try disabling the eARC setting.

ok. will do. let you know. thank you again

i think this is helping but i have my 4k blu ray player plugged i to hdmi 3 which is the eArc port. will this affect my playback if the eArc is set to off?  thanks 

quick update. has audio hiccups/stuttering with earc off. ugghhhh. but when i put pass through to off it is perfect