Architectural 4.1.4

  • 22 April 2024
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Hi all,

So I have 2 front and 2 rear in wall architectural rectangular speakers and 4 in wall architectural ceiling speakers. This is for a TV setup. Originally I wanted a 5.1.4 setup but wanted to stay with Sonos for ease.

I know I can set up the front and rears with 2 Amps and surround, making a phantom center. Is there any solution to add in the ceilings with another amp or two into this setup? Do I need to just get a receiver, and if I do will the phantom center be less effective?

I'd prefer not to add an Arc because of the crowded look between the TV and mantle… but would consider it if it was the only solution.


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2 replies

Sonos doesn’t support using ceiling speakers for atmos audio in any setup. They only support atmos via upfiring speakers.  Since your system is already wired it seems, there isn’t really a need to include Sonos for your home theatre setup.  You can get a ports to send streaming audio to a traditional receiver setup, or send audio to Sonos speakers,  but I’m not sure if that meets your needs for a ‘Sonos ease’ setup.

Sigh, so get a receiver and hook it up for 4.1.4? Do you think the phantom center will be any good? Also any advice on a good receiver?