ARC ultimate immersive setup room size?

  • 9 June 2024
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Im new to Sonos and this will be my first purchase.

I have just bought a new house with the main TV room is going to be 16’40” x 12’1” (5.00 x 3.63 m). I am looking to purchase the ARC Ultimate setup (with the era 300’s and the gen 3 sub). 


Will this be too much for this size of room? Mainly for movies and gaming. I’m not worried about cost. Just want to know if it will sound okay? I want the best sounding surround sound I can get from Sonos.


Thank You

1 reply

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if I were you I would avoid any Sonos product like the plague. They have just released a new app that is a feature lacking, bug-ridden mess. The company knew there were problems with the app but released it anyway because they had overpriced headphones to sell.

This is systematic of the way Sonos treats its customers. I had a significant amount of their products which have all been removed from my network and are awaiting to be sold on eBay ( whilst Sonos is happy to shaft it’s customers I cannot in clear conscience sell to unsuspecting people until the app is fixed).