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  • 29 November 2022
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Hi, I have an arc and 2 ones as surround, when I toggle off the 2 ones in surround audio, both have a slow flashing green light, I would like to turn this off, is that possible?



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6 replies

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No, when you toggle them off the flashing green light indicates that they are off.

You could instead lower the TV Level to -15 which would silence them, with no flashing light.

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Thanks, that’s what I’ve been doing, maybe they could have a mute option to toggle on/off.


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It’s standard for a muted speaker to display a constant green light, so that wouldn’t work either, unless your issue is only with the flashing.

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The green solid or flashing light seems unnecessary to me, should be able to customise it.

Actually, in general, you can turn off the speaker’s LED in Settings>(Room Name)> Status Light, although that doesn’t affect the “lit while muted” situation, for, I suspect, reasons of Customer Service. 

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Amazon and others sell some very nice sticky dots in various colors and transparency levels that will deal with unwanted light.

First one I found: