Arc hdmi stops working when tv goes into standby

  • 29 April 2021
  • 9 replies

I have a Philips Tv connected via hdmi to the sonos arc.  Works fine until the TV goes into standby then when it’s switched back on they forget to talk to each other. I have to turn off the TV and back on again to establish connection again. 
I’ve been through every setting on the TV and Sonos, however I’ve not found a fix. 

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9 replies

Is Philips Easylink enabled?  If so, try disabling it.

Hi John,

I’ve disabled it, but then The TV only outputs the sound through the tv, there’s no option for HDMI out. Even when I toggle it, the arc doesn’t kick back in unless I switch the TV off and on at the plug. 

Any other suggestions?

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Is TV Autoplay enabled under the Arc’s settings in the Sonos app? Do you have any other devices connected to the TV?

In addition to the other good suggestions above, I’d recommend checking for updates to the TV, and then unplugging it from the wall for two minutes, in order to force it to reload its software. During that two minute time frame, unplug the Sonos as well. Forcing both devices to reload their software can’t hurt, at the very least. 

Hi GuitarSuperstar,

it is enabled, should I switch it off?


hi AirGetlam, 

thanks for the advice, I’ve done both. I’ll let you know how I get on. 

I appreciate the help from you both. 



Hi, unfortunately none of the above worked. 

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When the TV and Arc lose connection, does anything happen if you increase the volume on your remote while something is playing on your TV?

No, nothing like that, it’s just when the TV goes into standby it’s like it forgets it linked up. The annoying thing is the TV is wall mounted and the plug is behind the tv so it’s a right pain to switch it off and on again. 
It’s mad I can’t toggle a setting somewhere to make it kick back in

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What is the specific model of your TV?