ARC HDMI cable connection

  • 1 March 2024
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It appears Sonos ARC speaker has issues with the HDMI cable connection.  Does Sonos have a definitve response to all the potential solutions for this? Lots of people reporting issues that their HDMI cable will not stay in..all 3 of my ARC speakers have issues with the HDMI cable falling out. Really an unacceptable design flaw for the price point. Please suggest all the possible remedies.  HDMI connector,  some sort of stabilizing lock, anything. Beyond frustrating 

4 replies

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Reading the posts on this community you are not the only one. Did you call Sonos about this?

Does this only happen with when you use other cables than the one Sonos provided?

This is the first time I've heard this.
I use an HDMI cable from Amazon for my Arc and have no problems with it. 
Maybe it's the Sonos cable that's causing problems. Have you changed the cable and is it still falling out?

I am not using the Sonos cable. Not long enough. But it has to do with the angle that the cord needs to go into a speaker that is resting. Sonos should have had the cord go right into the back, not into the angle. It is the angle, not the cord that is the problem. So I need a solution to manage the angle. the cord is coming out the back of my wall and snaked through to a Samsung product that is hidden in a cabinet.

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I have a pile of these to deal with iffy cables and too-sharp bends.