Arc + Apple TV Lip sync issues

  • 28 October 2023
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I recently started having serious lip sync issues between my Apple TV and Sonos Arc.  It has worked fine for almost 2 years until a month ago. The issue is most prevalent with Netflix but exists across multiple video services on the Apple TV. I’ve tried using lip sync on all the devices to no avail. 

I am running through a LG OLED TV with the HDMI arc set up, with the same cables I’ve used for the past two years. All of the devices have the latest firmware and software updates, all have been rebooted all have been unplugged and plugged back in, deleted, and re-added, etc. etc. etc.

 I am able to isolate that the problem is with the Apple TV. When using LG’s built-in, Netflix or Amazon prime TV app, the lip sync issues completely disappear. The built in apps suck compared to the Apple TV but the Apple TV lip sync issues are unbearable (and, frankly, unacceptable and surprising For “technically advanced companies“ like these). 

Any ideas?


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4 replies

Have you contacted Apple? Have you checked the audio settings on the Apple TV? Have you tried an alternate HDMI input for the Apple TV? Have you checked to see if there is a firmware update for the TV?

If everything is working fine with the LG’s apps, the issue isn’t with the Sonos, it only knows it is connected to your TV set, not what is sending the signal to your TV.

I’m having the exact same issue, with the same setup. Something has definitely changed on the Apple TV or LG. 

Same issue here - I have found no solution so far :/

Add me to the list. It’s driving me up the wall. When I first got my Sonos, I saw comments about the arcana fury, HD which is supposed to get round the issue of us, not having e-ARC on the TV  but I’m not sure it will.