Apple TV remote turns tv and sonos playbar volume up

  • 27 November 2023
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I have a Sony A90J and a playbar connected via optical. The only way I could get the Sony remote to work with the playbar was by turning off BT on the TV, that way it would send an IR signal to the Sonos. As a result of this, every time I change the volume on my Playbar, the TV also shows a meaningless volume change bar. Meaningless because it has nothing to do with the volume coming out of the soundbar. Whether that graphic is at 0 or 100, the volume is completely controlled by the Playbar.


In getting the ATV, I was hoping to eliminate this issue, where turning up the volume would not result in the annoying graphic on the tv. I don’t see a way to accomplish this, though.



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3 replies

Maybe connect the Sonos Arc to the TV’s HDMI-eARC port and use CEC to control the volume instead with its remote in Bluetooth mode - just enable CEC (Bravia Sync) on the TV.

Ah ignore my post - I see you’re referring to the old Playbar, my mistake. 🙏 The Arc, or Beam2 though would have probably resolved the issues seen here.

I searched the Sonos support pages and found this link. Not sure though if it will perhaps resolve your issue, but worth a try…