Apple TV remote NOT controlling Sonos Playbar

  • 21 December 2022
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I am currently getting my 2 replacement remote for my 4k Apple TV that is less than 8 months old. So this will be the 3rd remote I’ve had in a very short amount of time. The actual IR (infrared) emitter on the Apple TV remote keeps going out and thus it will not work with the Playbar. If anyone is having the same issue, open up your camera app on your cell phone and point the top of the Apple TV remote towards the camera lens and look for a little red light shining on your phone screen when you press the volume up/down/mute. If you do NOT see any red light that usually means that you have a bad Apple TV remote. You will not necessarily have issues working other functions from that remote as most of the functions with the Apple TV are through bluetooth connection and NOT IR connection. The ability to use the Sonos IR volume control is specifically using the IR side of the Apple TV remote. Hope this info helps someone as this has been extremely frustrating for me. 

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3 replies

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Hi @ffff 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

3 remotes in 8 months sounds excessive - no wonder you are frustrated!

Thanks for sharing your tip, and I hope this remote lasts a bit longer!

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I (once) had to reboot my Apple TV Remote to get IR functionality back. (Yes, Apple remotes sometimes need a reboot). It was after the TVOS 16 update as I recall.


I did the reboot but unfortunately nothing seemed to get it working again. Every function but IR worked flawlessly but IR just would not come back. I’ve never had so many issues with an Apple product in my life so Im secretly hoping this is my last “replacement” remote. To be continued .. … ….