Apple TV + Playstation + Projector + Sonos ARC

  • 16 January 2024
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Hi all - To anyone who can help - As Sonos Customer Service was very confused by my question…


I have:

Apple TV 4K


Playstation 5

Optoma True 4K Projector

(Sony STR_AN1000 Receiver that may or may not be useful)

I ripped out my Bose System … 

My Projector doesn’t support eARC. 


How can I connect all the devices for maximum Video and Audio output to the projector with volume control? (Not through the Sonos App only)

It seems like I need an eARC connector like the Arcana Fire or similar, though Sonos said those devices are not supported by their software. 

Any help is very very much appreciated!!! Thx




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5 replies

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I recommend getting the HDFury Arcana along with a ROOFULL HDMI switch. This will allow you to get the highest quality audio from both the Apple TV and PS5 to play out of the Arc.

NOTE: Before using the Arcana… If your projector isn’t equipped with HDMI ARC and the Sonos Arc hasn’t been set up yet, you need to set the Arc up on a TV with HDMI ARC before you can use the Arc with the Arcana.

Hey SuperStar!!

Much appreciated! Two questions / a mapping outline to make sure I understand your point:


Apple TV & PS5 > ROOFULL HDMI Switch > HD Arcana > (Spilt) to SONOS ARC & Projector - correct?

If so, how do you control the Vol on the Sonos for the Apple TV & PS5? (Apple remote? Is that supported?)


Lastly, to your point about the Sonos setup, why do I need to hook it up to another TV to set it up? - Why not just through the Sonos App once the mapping is correct? Or, is that for the HD Arcana setup?




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The Apple TV and PS5 will connect to the ROOFULL switch. The switch will connect to the HDMI IN of the Arcana. The Arcana will connect from its HDMI OUT to the projector’s HDMI ARC port (or any HDMI port if ARC is not available). The Arc will connect to the Arcana’s eARC OUT.

The Apple TV remote should be able to control the volume on the Arc, but I am not 100% certain of this.

From the Arcana manual:

I cannot get any sound to a brand new/never used SONOS Arc from any source at Arcana input when Arcana is connected to a non-CEC capable projector/monitor or display

In order to get audio from any sources at Arcana input, users of brand new/never used SONOS Arc must go through the APP setup process while connected to a CEC capable display, if you never when through the SONOS APP setup process with your SONOS Arc soundbar yet, please connect it to any HDMI display that offer CEC support and complete the SONOS APP setup process, once done you can connect it back in your setup with a non CEC capable display, monitor or TV and you will be able to get Full Audio from any source to SONOS Arc as expected. This SONOS restriction requires such initial setup first with CEC capable display. If your SONOS Arc has been setup before, then there is no need to set it up again after Arcana is connected and you can just proceed normally.


What specific Optoma projector model do you have?


That tracks with what I thought the connection process would be - I’ll have to look into the Apple Remote Vol Control as that seems like the only hiccup with the PS5. 

And noted on the Arcana setup. 

This is my projector: Optoma UHD60 True 4K UHD Projector





According to the community and some other forms … the Apple TV Remote can't control the Sonos ARC vis via the HD Arcana … it has to come from the Projector eARC. And since I don’t have that … well, that may be the end of my Sonos journey. 


Because I love the product, but it’s not very conducive to these types of setups it seems.