Apple TV Match Frame Rate Audio / Lip Sync

  • 24 August 2021
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New ATV 4K 2021 user here with audio/lip sync issue having to do with Match Frame Rate.

My set up is ATV 4K 2021 -> Sony X900H -> Sonos Arc. All cables are 2.1 compatible.

With Match Frame Rate On, I get a noticeable audio sync issue across all apps. The audio is in front of the video by approximately 2 tenth of a second but the amount seems to vary a bit based on the app, and video format (SDR / HDR / DV).

If I turn Match Frame Rate Off, the issue instantly goes away and the sound remains in sync across the board.

If I want to keep match frame rate on, I can get the audio and video in sync pretty close with the Sonos app through the lip sync setting by delaying the audio. However, given that the amount of delay seems to change a bit based on each app, that doesn’t seem like a viable long term fix.

I've also tried the wireless audio sync calibration on the ATV but that didn't help.

For now, I've just turned match frame rate off and enabled Cinemotion on the Sony TV to take care of the judder, but I'd much rather be using the Match Frame Rate feature which does seem to make motion look quite a bit more natural... At least to me.

Does anybody here have a similar set up, with a Sony TV and Apple TV 4K?


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1 reply

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Hi @Ecotone 

Thanks for your post!

I don’t have either a Sony TV or an Apple 4K, but my posting here will get your topic back on the list of “Recently Active” and someone else may respond.

I can only recommend getting in touch with Apple Support regarding this issue, as it’s source is clearly the Apple 4K box.

I hope you find a solution - matching frame rate is the best way to go.