any touch on hdmi cable disconnect the arc

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Even the most of my new touch of the HDMI cable(For example, when installing the arc and mounting to the wall) Causes it to disconnect from the TV. 

At this point, I’ve tried putting spacers behind the cable where it connects to the arc. I have tape going around the entire ark to hold the cable in place, but it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.


No movement, and not installed is working fine.

This is the least premium HDMI port I have ever seen in my life.




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BTW: I have gone through a handful of cables from $10 to $60.


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But not the Sonos supplied cable?

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Try the Sonos supplied cable, if it is too short get an extender to get it long enough.

Plug the Sonos cable into the Arc, make sure it is fully inserted, double check that. If it also fails to stay connected then contact Sonos support and get a replacement Arc.

I’ve seen problems with some HDMI cables not fully seating tin the Arc’s connector, some just won’t some can with a bit of careful trimming of the cable end.

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I’ll try the extender idea. 

the Sonos supplied cable does seem to work, though the app says it does not. :(

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Extender cable did the trick. Apparently they only test with their own cables. 🙄