amp with soundbar and sub for watching tv and listening to music

  • 22 December 2022
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I have a kitchen/family room. I have installed 2 ceiling speakers, and have got an amp to power them (I bought both Sonos amp and ceilings speakers new Nov 2022).


I also have a gen 1 soundbar and a gen 3 subwoofer. 


i want to use all this in 2 ways:


Watching TV

Soundbar gen 1 connect to TV via optical, and want to use the sub and use the 2 ceiling speakers as surrounds.


Listening to music

Use the amp and 2 ceiling speaker along with the sub. (If the soundbar could be used in this set up, this would be great, but not essential)


I want to know 1) is this possible? And 2) what way do I go about configuring this setup to work with my 2 use cases.

Thanks in advance 😁






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1 reply

Add the Amp to the soundbar as surrounds:

The go into Settings for the room, Surround Audio, set Music Playback to Full.