Alarms sometimes do nothing

  • 20 September 2023
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My alarms periodically just don't go off (not even the chime backup). I have two alarms in two different rooms set one minute apart. When this problem happens, BOTH alarms fail to go off. It's happened three or four times over the past few years. I used to be on the s1 controller and thought that may be the problem, but recently moved to s2 a few days ago, and it just happened again. Here is my diagnosis number: 1260039986


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6 replies

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Hi @Jamie J 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Which room(s), and which alarm(s) did you have the issue with? I can see 6 alarms set, none of them are set 1 minute apart, but 3 of them are for the exact same time (6:30).

What’s puzzling me, however, is that I see no playback errors logged.

Looking forward to hearing back from you so I can help you figure this out.

The two active alarms are Bedroom and Cleo (sorry about confusion on the one minute apart, that's how they used to be). They are both set for Mon-Fri @6:30a. I didn't change anything and they both worked again the next day.

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Hi @Jamie J 

Thanks for that additional info. 

This confirms what I was suspecting - that the speakers didn’t even try to play. Normally, we would see some error message saying that the speaker could not reach the requested service provider in time - that would also result in a chime being played, however, which you report did not happen.

I am seeing some discrepancies in the alarm data storage file that have me a little concerned. I recommend you remove all alarms from your Sonos system - not just the 06:30 ones - and only once all have gone, add the ones you still want to use back on again. This should sort those discrepancies out.

If that wasn’t the problem, the only other thing I can think of is that some cloud service issues are currently affecting some functionality, but I’m fairly sure your failed alarm event (just) pre-dates these issues. Again, however, there should have been logged errors for this to be the problem, so it seems unlikely.

If you encounter this issue again, please submit a support diagnostic soon after - just as you did this time - and get back in touch. Thanks.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for looking into it. I'll remove all alarms and start fresh. Fingers crossed it's all good from here on

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I have the same (intermittent) problem on S1 (and can’t change) so I will try the same solution. It may be a while before reporting back though because it only happens once every few weeks.

As suggested by @Corry P , the next time it happens , send in that diagnostic, so Sonos can help look at it, once you call in.