Adding 3rd and 4th Sonos One SL to my home theatre?

  • 19 November 2023
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I have a Sonos Beam Gen2, two Sonos One SLs and a Sub-Mini in my living room for my television setup. I saw a great deal that’s hard to pass up for two additional Sono One SLs since they are on clearance. Is there anyway to add them to my television setup or I’ve already maxed out for my television? I’m going to still buy them even if I cannot use them for the TV but I thought to ask still. 

Thank you for the help!


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3 replies

You are maxed out.  Soundbar, two surrounds, one Sub Mini is the max.

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The One SLs do work nicely in other rooms. :-)

Yes I know they will work in other rooms but I wanted to know if they would enhance my television setup. Too bad they won’t. Thanks everyone.