Add Sonos speakers to LG Wallpaper TV soundbar

  • 17 September 2023
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Guys, we own an LG OLED65W9PLA wallpaper TV but are not impressed with the sound we are getting from the LG soundbar. The wallpaper TV is 3mm thick (or so) and therefore all the connections are built into an external device that also houses the speakers and Dolby Atmos system (the “connection bar”). We run the TV in a large room (something like 80 sqm) that opens up open plan style into an entrance area and a corridor. The floor is entirely stone tiles with two large carpets, but acoustically I think this environment is a challenge. We have not really been satisfied with the sound we are getting from the speakers in the LG connection bar and are thinking of replacing it with a Sonos system. However, as the LG soundbar also functions as the external domain for the TV electronics and connections, we cannot physically remove it and replace it with a Sonos soundbar - it would need to stay.

We are thinking of installing some solution involving the Arc soundbar, one of the “immersive sets”. So here are my questions:

  • is this possible at all? Can I connect the Sonos Arc soundbar to the LG external connection bar?
  • if I can, would the speakers in the LG connection bar be bypassed and only the Sonos Arc be active as the central speaker?
  • is my understanding correct that the other components of the Sonos immersive set (booster and side speakers) run wirelessly off the Sonos Arc and hence do not require any physical connection?
  • If this is not possible, are there other solutions that you might be able to recommend?

Many thanks for any advice.


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I’ve just looked through the user manual for your device from

Page 89 and 90 explain how you can change the settings of your TV for External Speakers, select HDMI ARC and Pass though.

Looking through the manual, it should be possible to connect the Sonos Arc via HDMI and disable the internal speakers.  I suggest that you order online from Sonos and try it, any problems and as you are in the UK, you can return the product within 28 days.

Come back to us if you encounter any issues and we’ll try and help further.



Many thanks for your response - I’ll check out the user manual you kindly linked and have a go!