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  • 13 April 2022
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Folks - I read multiple threads about this topic and am so new to SONOS that I didn’t understand a thing. So here I go again and please explain the possibilities:

  1. I bought a Sonos Home Theater system Immersive Set with Arc couple of months ago - as y’all know it comes with an Arc + Sub (Gen 3) + a pair of Sonos one smart speakers
  2. The way I have them setup in my media room is - Arc is sitting right below/in front of my wall mounted TV, Sub is sitting on the right side of the TV and sonos one pair are setup in the two corners of the room behind me (behind the couch where we watch from)
  3. Now I bought another pair of Sonos one smart speakers - Can’t find a way to link them to the Arc so that I can make the system Arc+Sub gen 3+LS+RS (which already exists) + the two new One smart speakers
  4. The only way it allows me on the app is to have them created separately as a Studio pair which then don’t link to the arc!
  5. If I do a second product grouping Media Room Add on (2 new one speakers) + the original setup and group them together then the volume is so loud and cannot be controlled using the already setup universal remote!

So is this it? No way for me to add 2 additional front speakers also connecting to the existing arc setup (arc+sub+LS+RS)?


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2 replies

So is this it? No way for me to add 2 additional front speakers also connecting to the existing arc setup (arc+sub+LS+RS)?

Correct. Arc already contains the front L/C/R channels. There’s no option to bond additional speakers, beyond the surrounds/Subs, in the same ‘room’.

You can make a stereo pair as a separate ‘room’ and group it with the Arc, but though this will play in sync for music the sound will be slightly delayed for TV audio. Also, as you appear to have found, the TV remote won’t control the grouped ‘room’. (There are however third party control devices which can be used to control the group volume.)

Thank you Ratty - I would return the additional speakers rather than keeping them!