4x ceiling speakers, 2 x amps

  • 6 July 2023
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Hi all, I have g3 sub, g2 beam, 2 x g2 amps & 4 x ceiling speakers. Initially I had hoped to use all together then realised the soundbar was a issue with the 2 front ceiling speakers, I had then hoped to use the beam, sub and rear ceiling speakers as a set up on 1 amp for tv etc for 5.1 then turn on the 2nd amp with 2 front ceiling speakers connected to it to play music all together, however this does not sound good listening to music, likely because of the soundbar I assume. Also the rear ceiling speakers set up as rear surround and on max volume etc are hardly noticeable. Any way around this? Do I scrap the sonos and go conventional amp with center speaker etc to control ceiling speakers for 5.1 and music stereo or other option I thought possibly have all 4 ceiling speakers on 1 amp just for music, then sub, beam and 2 further sonos for rear speakers behind sofa, the only problem I see with this though is the sub would only work with 1 amp or the other amp whereas I would like it with music & film use? Any ideas or comments? Thanks Mark 


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2 replies

Have you set the music playback to ‘Full’ rather than ‘Ambient’ in the Soundbars ‘room’ settings?

See ‘Settings/System/[Beam Room Name]/Surround Audio/Music Playback’ in the Sonos App.

Note: The ‘Full audio’ feature is disabled for Atmos music playback, but you can always disable ‘Spacial Music’ if you wish to override it to play full stereo to all.

There is a lot of density to your post, so some random reactions here, as I try to parse it all out.

It seems as though you thought you could use the Beam as only a center speaker, and also have two other Amp driven speakers as front right, and front left. As I think you’ve discovered by now, that isn’t the case. The Beam contains front right, front center, and front left speakers/channels in it, and it can’t be used only as a center speaker only.

However, there is no reason why you can’t use one Amp to be bonded to the Beam to provide surround speakers to the 5.1 system that includes the Beam. And when being used for music playback, you should go in to the room’s settings and set the rears to ‘full’ rather than ‘ambient’ support for the Beam, which when grouped, would give you full stereo sound from all four speakers in both grouped ’rooms’ as well as from the Beam. 

And yes, as you’ve found out, the Sonos sub can be connected to one Sonos ‘room’ at a time, and is not easily switched from the home theater room to the music room. It can be done, but there is both a time and effort expense, and a reset of the room acoustics. If you’re dead set on having a Sub in both Sonos ‘rooms’, I’d suggest perhaps a Sub mini for each. Although I’d be honestly tempted to stick with just one Sonos Sub, and see which room benefits the most from it.