2 Amps for surround

  • 21 November 2022
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I looked around Sonos help articles but still not sure regarding network setup for 2 Sonos Amps with surround so asking the community here.


I have the following setup:


Family theatre

Arc - connected via ethernet

Sub - wireless

2x Surround Ones - wireless



Amp powering 2 external speakers - wireless

Passive sub powered by dedicated amp connected to Amp


I'm looking to add another Amp to the backyard powering 2 more external speakers for surround sound. Can the 2nd Amp remain wireless along with the existing Amp or does the Amp powering the current front speakers need to be wired using ethernet before I can add the 2nd Amp?


Appreciate any feedback here!


Best answer by John B 21 November 2022, 17:07

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There is no need to wire either ot the Amps.

As your Arc is wired your system is in SonosNet mode. The Amp powering the front speakers in the backyard will therefore connect to SonosNet. The two Amps in the backyard  will communicate via direct routing using their 5GHz radius.