15.5 Update (Sonos Arc and Gen3 Sub) - BEST MY SYSTEM HAS SOUNDED - EVER!

  • 3 July 2023
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I dont usually write in any forum however I was very compelled to state that ever since updating to 15.5 - my sonos arc and gen3 sub has never sounded as good as it does now.
Its just superb, for a very long time I kept questioning to myself if the £900 arc and the £700 Sub was worth the cost for lets face it .. meh sound… however the 15.5 update has truly opened up the potential of the system (more so regarding the gen3 sub)>
If there is any improvement on top of this (which is me being picky) is that the treble side of things on the arc can do with more clarity and more presence but thats it… I would love oif Sonos keeps the sound profile of the 15.5 update but tweaks it here and there as needed just dont revert it PLEASE! 15.5 Update has even had comments from the family - wow it sounds so much better what did you do .. erm updated it….:-D

3 replies


Interesting as Sonos support just mentioned that Arc sound profile has not been changed in 15.15. 
Did you redo Trueplay post update?

Maybe its then just the changes in the sub that brings new dynamics, not sure but happy with the sound with them paired :)
I have purchased a new iphone pro max 14 for this very reason as I was running an android for a very long time so could not true play, I run everything at stock settings at the moment (I did have my gen3 sub at +3 but since the update its down to 0 and sometimes -1 or -2 - which could be the reason then the arc to me sounds better ?)
The arc I had on +1 for treble and +3 for height but these are both back down to 0 as the treble was a bit washed out at times, and found the height adjust made zero impact on the sound effects when watching atmos.
So far I am very happy with the sound apart from the high end part of the frequency that could do with a little finesse.

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I don't have an Ace and a subwoofer, but I can say, that the sound changes you describe here I also experience on my Port.