Xr15v2 remote won't mute playbar

  • 12 January 2022
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This worked for a year.  Remote lost sync and when I retrain it the MUTE will not mute.



Hello new to the forum.  I have a Samsung TV Xfinity X1 system and the new XR15v2 remote.


If I press MUTE the play bar mutes but does not stay muted.  If I hold the MUTE button down it will MUTE but only because an accessibility dialog box pulls up?  Comcast had not advice.


The App Mute feature works fine so not a play problem unless the commands are wrong for the xfinity remote?



6 replies

Seems like there was an update to the remote, something that’s happened before from Samsung, when the TV updates its own operating system.

You likely need to go back and switch it again from Bluetooth/RF to be IR, so that Sonos can “see” it again. 

I am using the Xfinity remote not the Samsung remote?  Switch what to IR?  The vol works and MUTE works for. second but does not hold MUTE.



That makes it sound like your XFinity remote is not set up properly to control your TV set, so you’d likely need to fix that issue first. Once that’s done, check with XFinity on how to make it IR, rather than Bluetooth or IR, which apparently changed with some recent update to the XFinity box. 

Because you’re using a PLAYBAR, you must make any remote IR only, as CEC ARC doesn’t travel across an optical connection. Once the remote is set up with IR only, then the Sonos can process the signal. 

OK the remote works with the Samsung TV and the Xfinity box.  


The volume works and shows on the TV as + SONOS - and moves the volume correctly so I am going to conclude the remote is using IR.  It is just the MUTE function that does not stick.  Is the MUTE controlling the SONOS mute function or the TV mute?



It should always be controlling the TV.  There are no “codes” for the Sonos, only the TV set. 

Ok so here is what I did:


  1. Xfinity set up the remote to control the box
  2. On the set up it says do you want to control the TV, I said yes and selected Samsung
    1. This kills the SONOS function
  3. In the SONONS app I tried to pair the remote and if fails and sends you to another hit the buttons 3x vol up, vol down, and mute
  4. After this secondary paring on the SONOS app it now works.