XBox One S VS. Samsung K8500 for Bluray 5.1 DD coversion

  • 5 January 2017
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Hi everyone!

I was looking into buying a UltraHD Bluray for my house (that I also really want to use for regular blurays) and I was wondering which one is best / friendlier to convert DTS / DTS HD / DD+ / Atmos/ Etc... to DD in order to do 5.1 with my Sonos system.

I currently have the Playbar, the SUB and two Play 1's on my family room and my TV (Sony x850c) can do DD5.1 pass-through. As of right now, all the devices I have (minus the PS3 and 4 if they have to convert DTS to DD) can pass / convert DD 5.1 to the TV via HDMI, so ideally (to husband proof my house) I was thinking on getting a device that could do the same (and to stop having to switch my PS4 / 3 over to optical to get surround sound with movies).

The XBox One S sounds attractive because it also play games, but I was curious if it suffers from the same issues of than the PS3 / 4 have (no DTS conversion over HDMI), and how to know how good of a UltraHD Bluray player it is. And same with the K8500, I know is a great player, and I know it converts to DD... but does it work via HDMI or do I still need a switch??


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3 replies

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I can't speak to the Xbox One S since I don't have one (just a regular Xbox One; saving for what is currently known as Project Scorpio later this year, which will add 4K gaming graphics support too). I know the Xbox One offers the ability to have all audio output as Dolby Digital over HDMI, but thought there had been some issues with folks getting the Xbox One S set up this way. Hopefully someone with an Xbox One S can stop by and clear this up.

I know that Samsung's 4K Blu-Ray player offers the option for all audio to be output as Dolby Digital, though it's not the default. You'll need to go into the Audio settings of the player to adjust the output. It does work via HDMI.
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The K8500 definitely transcodes to DD
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Just did a test.

DD via optical only. Only stereo via HDMI.