Xbox One, Playstation 3 with LG 55EC9300 - how do I get surround?

  • 14 May 2017
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I am a total audio idiot so I need some help. I initially set up my Sonos Playbase to the TV. All video games (PlayStation and Xbox One) are connected to the TV. The sound was OK but not this "virtual surround" stuff that was why I bought the Playbase in the first place. I checked the Sonos app and audio in showed STEREO.

I then connected the Playbase to the Xbox One directly (Xbox One has pass thru HDMI to watch TV). I checked the app again and it said Dolby 5.1 (or something along those lines, I cant remember exactly). It sounded a bit richer and fuller, but not that awesome virtual surround (but I didn't set up Trueplay as I do not have an IPhone).

I see that my TV supports the following:
5.1 Passthrough ARC Dolby Digital
: Yes
5.1 Passthrough ARC DTS
: Yes
5.1 Passthrough Optical Dolby Digital
: Yes
5.1 Passthrough Optical DTS
: Yes

Sorry for the long windedness, but I want the best surround'ish quality on all devices - TV, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Having the Playbase just play Stereo is pointless.

Any thoughts?

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4 replies

First, check the settings on your TV. Make sure that the audio settings are to pass through the Dolby Digital signal to the optical output. It can, based on what you quoted above.

Then go in to the audio settings on each of those devices that you've connected via HDMI, and make sure that they are passing Dolby Digital, rather than any thing else, out through the HDMI to the TV.

That should set you up to get the maximum surround sound from your Playbase.
Thanks Bruce. The sound seems OK, not really much difference from my old Sony Soundbar and Sub (it wasn't a high end model). A bit crisper and solid bass without needed a sub, but I want surround. Do I need to get my daughter's IPhone and do a TruePlay setup or are the Play1s really needed that badly?
If you want surround, then yes, a pair of Play:1s behind you would help a lot. The Playbase acts as front right, front center, and front left. It doesn't pretend to act as rears, as some soundbars seem to purport to do.

But if you want the full 5.1 sound, a pair of Play:1s and a Sub would be recommended. When I first started building my system, I went for the surrounds first, since I thought the Playbar did a fine job with most bass reproduction. Later on, when I did pick up my Sub, it was a revelation, but I'd still have done the surrounds first.

Happy it's working for you!
Oh, and Trueplay does help, to be sure. But it's not a "fixes all" kind of thing. Takes it from 60% to 90%, but it's not designed to be a magic bullet. But yes, I'd do it for sure, even if you have to have a friend come over so you can borrow their iPad/iPhone for half an hour. It's worth the cost of a beer, to be sure 🙂